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ARE YOU ready TO CREATE A powerful LIFE?

Fifteen years ago, I started empowering artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives through my work.

I was able to see their potential and how they wanted to contribute to the world. At this early time in my career as a publicist, creative people who wanted to grow their impact and influence kept asking to work with me. When I was just 22 years old, I worked with some of the music and publishing industry’s biggest acts and household names.

That time was sacred to me, and I now understand why I experienced this at such a young age. There is something about the way that I show up in the world, my energy, and how I can nurture someone who has the potential to make a significant impact in the world. Someone with that STAR quality but hasn’t figured out how to bring it to life. There was nothing more special than being able to take that star quality within my clients, nurture that star, and see them grow to massive success.

As my audience grew and my career expanded, the way I worked with clients shifted. But I felt called to continue to help people worldwide empower themselves to shine bright in the world.

That’s why I created the EmpowerYOU Program! I want you to have a special container to be seen and understood because I know it’s difficult finding places to be yourself without worrying about being “too much” or “too bright” for other people. I know how important it is to be accepted and loved for exactly who you are so you share your greatness with the world.

I’m proud to say my intention has become a reality for so many.

So let me ask you:

Are you ready to stop dimming your light and start living the life you were born to have?


Welcome to…


If these sound familiar, 

you’re in the right place…

You’ve been told you are “too much” your entire life
This has made you ashamed or guilty of the bright light you cultivate deep inside you.
You make yourself smaller to make others feel safe
Maybe it shows up as a comparison or competition with others? You have spent years making yourself smaller because other people were threatened by your authentic self.
You feel like time is running out
Despite all the work you've done on yourself and all the boxes you've checked, you remain restless and unfulfilled.
You’ve always felt like you didn’t quite belong
This belief traps you in situations and experiences where the world around you is constantly triggering you.
You believe you have to suffer and be hard on yourself to succeed
This belief keeps you from living life and loving yourself to the fullest.

Are you ready to own your inner star and empower a new path to freedom?

Here’s how you’re supported each month

Personal Coaching
When you join the EmpowerYou Program, you’ll get me as your personal coach. I take out all the guesswork to make your journey doable, loving, and fun!
private podcasts
I’ll guide you throughout the year with monthly private podcasts episodes that only members get access to.
bi-weekly coaching
Every month I’ll help you stay consistent with bi-weekly coaching calls that offer clear direction on the exact actions you can take to transform your life.

What’s included:

Bi-weekly group coaching with Julie
Monthly study guide and prompts to support your growth journey
Access to a new private podcast show hosted by Julie that only members receive
Immediate access to our private portal so you can start your transformation
Opportunities to work the method alongside other members for accountability and support

You no longer have to feel alone and unsupported on your journey to newfound freedom in your life.

This is the only way to get intimate and personalized coaching from Julie, as she doesn’t offer this coaching method in any of her other training or groups.




Access to all replay videos and archive coaching sessions found in the member portal


Signed copy of Get What You Want when you purchase Julie’s book from Parnassus


Early preview access to book chapters before it’s released to the public


Exclusive book study guide (not available anywhere else) emailed directly to you

This is for you if you agree that…

We are all born to
shine big and bright.

It is part of the divine expansion and flow of nature. If you want to find it within yourself to expand and shine your light, no matter how others may react to it, the EmpowerYou Program is for you.

By choosing to shine brightly, you may inspire others to turn on their light, too! If you’re ready to cultivate this newfound power and change the script of your life, the EmpowerYou Program is for you.

Everything is an exchange of energy. The moment you decide to rise and allow your light to shine, it changes what you receive in your life. It’s time to release your feelings of guilt and shame for being the powerful person you were born to be. If you are ready to get what you want, the EmpowerYou Program is for you.

As long as you refuse to dim your light…

...there is no power strong enough to eclipse all that is you!

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We want you to be where you receive the best support possible! If you decide the EmpowerYou Program isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time. No ongoing commitment is required. Your program access will end on the last day of your cancellation month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Just email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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How do I get access to the program?

Everything is in the membership portal. Once you enroll, you will get an email will access information. Make sure to check the same email account you used to purchase the membership. Bi-weekly, you will be invited to join the support coaching calls. Each month, you can log in and access all the podcast lessons, worksheets, coaching sessions, and more for the current month AND all archived content as it builds. You can access the membership portal from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. And to make it SUPER easy to stay consistent, I’ll send guided direction each month to offer you clarity on enhancing your experience and getting the most out of the membership.

How much time will the program require?

That’s up to you! I recommend two options. You can choose to follow my guidance through my monthly themes and bi-weekly coaching support, where I’ll offer you a clear outline and support. OR you can go at it at your own pace. Show up when you can, and do your best as you are!

If you choose to follow my monthly schedule, you’ll need anywhere from 20-30 minutes a week for your work. The bi-weekly coaching calls last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what comes up.

What if I can’t make a call or finish the content each month?

It will be there waiting for you! You can go back to any lesson or recorded calls whenever best for you, as we record everything in your portal. Our team commits to a 24 hour turnaround time for uploading recordings to the portal. The EmpowerYOU Membership gives you a flexible structure with no rigid time commitment.

I am just getting started. Is this right for me?

Yes! The EmpowerYou Membership is for anyone ready to step into a newfound level of possibility, action, and results. All you need to start is the desire to learn! We give you a flexible structure, support, and inspiration as you begin your journey. In fact, it’s an excellent place to start, thanks to the method. Instead of going in a million directions and feeling overwhelmed, you can lean on my method and start your next chapter with clarity.

I am very experienced at what I do. Is this right for me?

Absolutely! The EmpowerYou Membership will enhance your current experience and help you up-level your journey. I have a ton of experience at what I do too, but I created this method when “my way” of doing things wasn’t getting me what I wanted. Even the most successful people can get knocked off track. That’s why I created the membership. I will meet you wherever you are and make it effortless and fun to release your blocks and step into a new possibility. Plus, my bi-weekly coaching calls will give you a clear direction on the small actions you can take to get the results you so badly crave.

What if I want to cancel my program?

It’s easy! Just send us an email to [email protected] and we will take care of the rest. If your billing date is within 2 business days, you will retain access until your next billing cycle.
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