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For the creative visionary who’s ready to increase their revenue, build their network, and create mainstream influence...
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Hitting your goals doesn’t happen alone.

Yes, you may be the visionary.
Yes, you may be the one taking action.
Yes, you may be the one receiving the dollars.

But, all of that requires you to be surrounded by quality people, with quality connections and have quality support. 

Hear me out…

Your business only exists and scales with customers who know, like and trust you.
Your team only expands when you have high level, trustworthy humans to support you.
And your influence only grows when you’re building meaningful relationships with other people who are making an impact in the world.

As much as it may feel like SOLO makes sense, the truth is, TOGETHER is how this works.

And honestly, it’s WAY more fun this way.

If you’ve been feeling like things are working but you’re ready for more, you’re in the right place.

Maybe you have...
Been living the dream as a CEO boss, but you’re ready to be seen by the masses for what you’ve achieved behind the scenes, you’re ready for more impact and influence.
Already hit the sweet spot when it comes to reach and followers. Yes, people know who you are, but you’re ready to put those 100K+ digits in your bank account, not just in your follower count.
Hustled your way to your first $100K (or more), but you don’t feel like a full fledged business owner. You’re missing the systems, people and processes needed to be an effective and efficient business leader and are ready to work smarter, not harder.
Been hitting your income goals and feel like it’s time to scale. You’re ready to expand your current business model and ready for a funnel that amplifies your program, membership and content magic and are just missing the strategy piece of the puzzle.
A deep knowing that a book or podcast lives inside you. You LOVE your biz AND you’re committed to getting this work into the world to help even more people and build your status as an expert. You want an award winning podcast or a best-selling book deal and you’re ready to make it happen.
Clarity around the importance of relationships, connections and influence. You desire to be surrounded by other high level leaders who are making an impact in the world to learn from, be seen by, and build lifelong friendships with.
If that sounds like you then you’re in the right place.


The elite 12-month mastermind experience for visionaries ready to increase their revenue, build their network, and create mainstream influence.
Shine Elevate is a next level container for BIG breakthroughs in business and life. Here, you’ll gain access to connections, coaches, strategies, and an exclusive community that’s designed to help you increase your income and impact in a way that feels aligned to you.

“Julie’s unique skillset of fusing together influence and impact will help anyone who wants to get to that next level. Her relationships and unique ability to connect people for ultimate success alone are worth its weight in gold!”

Amy Porterfield
Entrepreneur and Host of the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast
Want the details? We got you.
Shine Elevate is not just a mastermind, it’s an experience.


It all starts with a 1:1 Business and Brand Assessment Intensive with Julie to get crystal clear on your goals around growing your leadership, people, systems, marketing and your profit. To prepare, you’ll fill out an in-depth questionnaire and then have an hour-long 1:1 call with Julie.


You’ll also get an additional hour-long 1:1 Call with Julie to check in on how everything is going post-assessment and deep dive into your unique challenges. You’ll be able to get Julie’s advice on what strategies to implement to reach your goals, how to uplevel your impact and become more influential in your industry and how to take what’s already working and maximize it for bigger results.


Throughout the year, you’ll have Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Julie where you’ll check in, have access to hot seat sessions with other members, and get your questions answered.


You’ll also have Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Adrienne Dorison, a business operations and efficiency expert who has helped Julie’s business run like clockwork, and will help yours do the same.


PLUS, we’ve brought in top industry leaders to support you with Monthly Coaching Sessions covering Book Deals and Best-Selling Launches, Sales + Money Mindset, Program, Coaching and Membership Launching, Systems and Copy, Messaging + Storytelling.


And throughout the year we’ll be hanging out in our Private Facebook Group where we’ll celebrate our success, ask questions, and support each other through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.
And, don’t forget the bonuses!

Two Retreats

Over the year we’ll be hosting not one but TWO Retreats where special guests will come to share their secrets, we’ll host strategy sessions, hot seats, and trainings on how to create massive influence and impact with your offers. You’ll get clear on your 6-month goals and identify your commitments to make it happen.

Julie’s Signature Programs

And last but certainly not least, all Shine Elevate members will get access to Julie’s Signature Programs, Pitch It Perfect and Influencer Academy, including all of their bonuses. 

“Julie Solomon is the real deal.”

Julie is the only person I trust when it comes to authoritative influence. She knows how to truly make a difference in your business with her sharp insights and strategy. Most importantly, she cares. If you want more influence and impact as a leader, I’d have EVERY confidence in learning from her. You’ll be so happy you did!
Susie Moore
Best-Selling Author, Life Coach and PR Expert
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“My life has done a complete 180 over the course of this year and I have Julie to thank for much of that.”

Working with Julie this year has been such a rewarding journey. Julie’s coaching and the monthly trainings with experts helped me navigate the process of setting up my business, clarifying my offer, setting my prices and establishing boundaries with clients. My life has done a complete 180 over the course of this year and I have Julie to thank for much of that. If you’re someone who knows you have more to offer this world and dream of transforming your life and business, Julie can help get you there if you’re ready to put in the work!
Sarah Yekinni
Founder of BeSpoke Social Co.

Hey, I’m Julie Solomon!

I believe in the power of influence and have spent the last decade helping people and businesses create more of it.

Is money important? Yes. 
Are connections important? Of course. 
Are goals imperative? 100%. 

But here’s the thing, if you can’t create INFLUENCE, your dollars, contacts, and goals are things you work for instead of things that work FOR YOU. 
Shine Elevate is the container I’ve created to help established business owners crush their goals while hitting new levels of influence whether that be through scaling their revenue so they can create the impact they desire, build their network to get their message into the world and their authority built, and be surrounded by other inspiring women on similar paths to learn from and grow with.
Want to know a bit more about my background?

I’m a brand strategist, digital marketing expert and host of chart topping The Influencer Podcast (a regular in iTunes Top 5 with millions of downloads in 170 countries) with a Tennessee accent, sweet husband, two beautiful babes, and a passion for helping creative visionaries like you!

As an expert in marketing, PR, and personal branding I’ve supported businesses, authors, and personal brands over the last decade in growing their impact and income with the power of influence. I’ve spearheaded book campaigns that broke New York Times Best-Selling records and worked with dozens of best-selling authors who have collectively sold over 100 million books worldwide as well as trained, mentored and taught tens of thousands of entrepreneurs how to pitch to the media, gain exposure, and strategically grow their businesses. 

To say I love my work would be an understatement.

I thrive on being an example of what's possible with entrepreneurship. 

I’m here to help you turn your message into a movement (and make a whole lotta money doing it.) 

“Beyond her brilliant mind and get-it-done work ethic, Julie’s heart for others is unrivaled. She wants others to succeed just the same as she aspires for herself.”

Jasmine Star
CEO of Social Curator
I believe in community and collaboration to my core which is why this group isn’t just about learning from me. It’s about having access to some of the greatest minds in the industry to help you reach your goals. We curate advisors to match the group’s needs.

Meet our Team of Advisors
and Coaches

Dee Reller
launch strategy
As Online Launch Strategist & Business Coach, Dee Reller helps women create strategically aligned launches for their courses, group programs, and services that are tailor-made to stand out. Her mission is to help more women have financial independence and wealth to create impact and change that ripples across the globe.
Jennifer smith
A long standing and proven track record within the Publishing and Entertainment Industry, Jennifer has worked with numerous publishers, production companies, television networks, non-profit organizations, celebrities, politicians, comedians, reality stars, sports figures, and some of the most prolific storytellers of our time and is the Founder of SPIN Literary, a global literary consulting firm. Previously serving as a Vice President and Director of Publicity with Simon & Schuster, she has launched hundreds of books to the New York Times Bestsellers list and was part of a 2-time Grammy award-winning Audiobooks team. Jennifer is also a contributor for numerous national and international media outlets and has had stories, segments, and pitches placed on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox & Friends, CBS This Morning, Sunrise, SBS News, ABC News Australia, Sky News, NPR, The BBC,Al Jazeera TV, The Daily Show, LIVE with Kelly, The Tonight Show, The View, Steve Harvey, Dr. Oz, Ellen, Oprah, Anderson Cooper, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, People, Entertainment Weekly, Us Weekly, Time, Readers Digest, Now This News, PopSugar, She Knows, Huff Post, etc.
Adrienne dorison
Adrienne Dorison is the Co-Founder of Run Like Clockwork™ alongside her business partner, Mike Michalowicz, where she equips CEO's to design a business that can run like clockwork. Adrienne has spent the past 10+ years in the field of operational efficiency, and has since created the most simplistic approach to making your business ultra-efficient through the right systems and team. She's personally passionate about baking in generosity into business models, and believes when we earn more money, we can give more away. Adrienne lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband + their new baby girl, Kit, and 2 cute pups.
Jamie Jensen
Jamie Jensen is an award-winning screenwriter, copywriter, and business strategist. To date, she’s helped over 1000 entrepreneurs increase their sales by up to 900% with the power of effective storytelling. Prior to supporting online businesses, Jamie worked in story development in Hollywood, assisting writers in both film & television. Jamie is the co-director and executive producer of the feature film “Hannah Has a Ho-Phase,” which won her the “Best Feature Writer” award at La Femme Film Festival, and she most recently completed her 11th feature-length screenplay. When she’s not writing, helping clients, or interviewing her favorite creative humans on the Creatives Making Money podcast, you can find Jamie drenched in sweat from yoga or dance class, cracking inappropriate jokes, or curled up on the couch watching movies on repeat (#obsessed).
Jenny Singh
Jenny Singh is a Facebook ad strategist whose mission is to make ads feel good again! After spending the last five years helping clients grow to multiple six and seven figures, she has consistently seen and heard the same issues persist when business owners first came to her. They’re tired, burnt out, and nervous when it comes to Facebook ads. They know paid ads can be the key to automating and growing their business but frankly - they have no clue how to do it in a way that was sustainable and with integrity. She thrives in being the solution provider to this consistent challenge, in talking about big goals & passions and then implementing the strategies to bring them to life. Jenny is here to help you expand your impact and build a sustainable, long term, revenue-generating ads strategy.
Jordan Gill
Jordan Gill, operations consultant and founder of Systems Saved Me, helps overworked one-woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs. Her jam is creating a cohesive operating system for managing your tasks, files and inbox. She’s been on podcasts like What Works and CEO Vibes sharing her love of replacing monthly retainers with one day virtual intensives. She currently lives in Dallas TX with her cavapoo Vivienne and collection of 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.
Erin Lindstrom
Erin Lindstrom is a sales strategist and money mindset coach for 5, 6, and 7-figure business owners who are dedicated to creating more income and impact. Erin helps her clients achieve their life and business goals with a blend of down-to-earth spiritual tools and practical techniques that result in higher profits, better relationships, and more fun. When she’s not helping her clients make more money, you can find Erin playing with her two adorable kids, performing on stage at Push Comedy Theater (or Zoom for the moment!), or having a long conversation about life and the universe on her front porch in Norfolk, Virginia.
Each Shine Elevate member will have access to Group Coaching Calls with these incredible women.
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Shine Elevate is for you if you’re…

An entrepreneur, content creator, online course teacher, coach, community builder, influencer and/or creative service provider who is currently making $100,000 or more and is ready to double your revenue.
Driven to make money AND and create impact. You see business growth and the ability to make as much money as you want as a positive contribution to the world.
Someone who thrives in an inclusive, diverse environment and is committed to elevating yourself and others to success.
Committed to your goals and ready to invest in your growth.
Serious about making your next big idea happen, whether it's a course, product launch, podcast, book, speaking gig, service or up-leveling the business you already have to new heights.
A leader who is the captain of your own ship and chooses not to be a victim in your own life but instead seek to rise above your own limiting beliefs.
Prepared to make serious connections with industry leaders and insiders so you can develop priceless relationships.
Seeking true community and wanting to surround yourself with powerful leaders who get you, and will help you get there.

Shine Elevate is not for you if you’re…

Making less than $100,000 a year (if this is you, CLICK HERE to learn about Shine Accelerator)
Just getting started, don’t know what service you provide or who your customer is, and aren’t generating consistent revenue from your business yet (if this is you, CLICK HERE to learn about Shine Accelerator)
NOT ready (yet) to make profitability a top priority to scale your business (if this is you, CLICK HERE to learn about Shine Accelerator)
Someone who needs to ask someone else’s permission to invest in your business.
Someone who does not see the value in community support and group collaboration.
Someone who sees success, influence and money as “bad”.
Shine Elevate is a unique experience where there’s no cookie cutter strategy you’ll be taught. Instead we meet you where you are, get clear on your goals and THEN support you in achieving them.
In our world, you get to choose your own adventure.
So, what will it be for you?
It’s time to go big.
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